Friday, March 19, 2010

M I A pendrive

This is how the story goes. Last year during October 2009, a lecturer, Dr.S, willling to burn this fats walk down 1 floor from his room to the school association's room where unfortunately I'm the only one there at that time.

Dr S : enters the room. Can i know who is the publisiti?
me : she's not here now. I can ask her to find Dr S later.
Dr S : Oh. Actually i just need some brief history about ScienceTech cos I'm creating a website for SST (my school).
me : ok i'll ask her to pass to Dr S
Dr S : that la.You get it and pass it to me. Hardcopy and softcopy.BM and english. I depend on you. I need it as soon as possible. *walks out*
me : WTH!!!! why me???

So i had to do everything. Get the history from the secretary which is in bm. had to translate to english, print, and save to my pendrive. Next day i slide a note under his door stating my name, handphone number and "call/sms me when done so i can collect my pendrive" together with my pendrive and the print outs.

Weeks after weeks after weeks I still didn't receive any call/sms. I tried knocking on his door but he's not in. My vice president(VP) knew about this and he ask Dr S when he met him about my pendrive.

VP : Dr, my friend got send his pendrive to you room when Dr wants that history thing.
Dr S : yea.
VP : he wants back his pendrive. White color pendrive with red string.
Dr S : I think i lost it already. I'll try to find again.
VP : Oh. Ok.
VP : eh ken, i asked Dr S about your pendrive. U know what he said?
me : what?? he not yet finish doing his website? *people work using kuasa kura-kura*
VP : hehe no la. he said he think he lost you pendrive.
me : $@ #@& #$% &$#@
VP : He said he will try to find again
me : ask him ganti back my pendrive la. he think he Dr status tai sai ar $&@#
After few months I actually forgot and didn't hope for my pendrive anymore and i actually bought a new pendrive. Today,
VP : eh Dr S found your pendrive edy. nah.
me : where he found?? in his stomach??
VP : he said in his bag.
I'm not happy that I got back my pendrive. I'm just -well got extra pendrive to use now-
One thing that i cannot understand is
Why can't he pass the pendrive after he finish?
He expect me to go to his room every day to ask for my pendrive?
*why in the first place i give him my number*
He can burn his fat walk to the room and why not burn extra to walk back again??
Too busy?? Kiss my @$$ la. website also sohai tak berfungsi.
All that question still remains un-answered.
Morale of the story : DON'T EVER AGREE ON HELPING YOUR LECTURER unless you know him/her very well.


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