Friday, March 19, 2010

M I A pendrive

This is how the story goes. Last year during October 2009, a lecturer, Dr.S, willling to burn this fats walk down 1 floor from his room to the school association's room where unfortunately I'm the only one there at that time.

Dr S : enters the room. Can i know who is the publisiti?
me : she's not here now. I can ask her to find Dr S later.
Dr S : Oh. Actually i just need some brief history about ScienceTech cos I'm creating a website for SST (my school).
me : ok i'll ask her to pass to Dr S
Dr S : that la.You get it and pass it to me. Hardcopy and softcopy.BM and english. I depend on you. I need it as soon as possible. *walks out*
me : WTH!!!! why me???

So i had to do everything. Get the history from the secretary which is in bm. had to translate to english, print, and save to my pendrive. Next day i slide a note under his door stating my name, handphone number and "call/sms me when done so i can collect my pendrive" together with my pendrive and the print outs.

Weeks after weeks after weeks I still didn't receive any call/sms. I tried knocking on his door but he's not in. My vice president(VP) knew about this and he ask Dr S when he met him about my pendrive.

VP : Dr, my friend got send his pendrive to you room when Dr wants that history thing.
Dr S : yea.
VP : he wants back his pendrive. White color pendrive with red string.
Dr S : I think i lost it already. I'll try to find again.
VP : Oh. Ok.
VP : eh ken, i asked Dr S about your pendrive. U know what he said?
me : what?? he not yet finish doing his website? *people work using kuasa kura-kura*
VP : hehe no la. he said he think he lost you pendrive.
me : $@ #@& #$% &$#@
VP : He said he will try to find again
me : ask him ganti back my pendrive la. he think he Dr status tai sai ar $&@#
After few months I actually forgot and didn't hope for my pendrive anymore and i actually bought a new pendrive. Today,
VP : eh Dr S found your pendrive edy. nah.
me : where he found?? in his stomach??
VP : he said in his bag.
I'm not happy that I got back my pendrive. I'm just -well got extra pendrive to use now-
One thing that i cannot understand is
Why can't he pass the pendrive after he finish?
He expect me to go to his room every day to ask for my pendrive?
*why in the first place i give him my number*
He can burn his fat walk to the room and why not burn extra to walk back again??
Too busy?? Kiss my @$$ la. website also sohai tak berfungsi.
All that question still remains un-answered.
Morale of the story : DON'T EVER AGREE ON HELPING YOUR LECTURER unless you know him/her very well.

I'm back!

Wassup wassup wassup!!!
Sorry for my Long inactivity. Well you see, uni life is kinda horrible you know. With the assingments, quiz, exams, bonusses and not to forget the MOST important is my access to the internet. A wifi line shared with all the students in the university and also the staff.
(membebel sikit) :P
Now its different. I subscribe for maxis broadband YAY! Cheap, free modem, and no contract.
Firstly, my team won volleyball interschool competition! and my friend's basketball team manage to get 2nd place. Will post some of the pictures when i get it :)
Second, I'm almost done with the long, hectic, miserable, busy, stressful time of this semester. Midterm exams, assignments and bonusses popping up like mushrooms. Had to find company for my internship. Choosed 5 companies from the school's new design website. At last I found out that the website is a piece of SHIT!! 4 months passed and there are still no respond from those 5 companies.
So now I'm applying companies through jobstreet. Fast, easy and at least the company will respond back. So far I've already applied around 10 extra companies and 1 got rejected :( *hope one special company will accept me before my study week*
Third, I just got back my -missing for 6 months- pendrive from an 'RESPONSIBLE' lecturer. I'll post a new topic about it later. Didn't wanna spoil this topic. hehe.
Lastly, good luck to my friend SHZ. Hope he will get to do his internship oversea :) and Mz V, stop envying and where is your hostel guard????

Thursday, February 4, 2010

CNY holiday

Few days more to go for me to fly back to my hometown.

I just can't wait to go back. been counting days since beginning of february.

Kinda bored now in one of my class where my lecturer are from Germany.

*imagine the difficulty of hearing him talking*

Got to go now. Class gonna end soon :P


Sunday, January 17, 2010

not fair!!!

this is NOT FAIR!!!!!
my leturer don't allow us to go back early for this CNY holiday. actualy holiday starts on the 13th but i'm flying on the 8th :P i know it's an early holiday for me.
but again most of the lecturers have their early holidays during Hari Raya. Why is it not the same for CNY???
tension aku!!!!
oh by the way, sorry for the inactivity of my blog :D

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm going home!!!

"Anda boleh balik emasa cuti semester nanti. dan siapkan deraf semasa semester 2. TQ.

-Prof Amran-"

yahooooo i got the green light from my supervisor!!!!!! but i'll be going back a little bit late. will try to finish up my project 2 and submit it before i go back. Eventhou i get a nasihat yang tidak membantu from my supervisor

"tak pernah pelajar habis deraf projek 2 dalam semester 1."

Anyway, I"M GOING HOME!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


just after a midterm paper (computational geometry) and i realised i made a HUGE HUGE careless mistake.
I got 3 more papers which is on this Thursday, coming Monday and Thursday :S
My first meeting with my supervisor bout my fyi goes well. hehe! hope to keep that up :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

SST family day

my school, Sekolah Sains dan Teknologi(SST)'s family day just past last sunday, 9th. We compete among course where 10 courses compete with each other. And guess who's the overall winner including course flag deco, tarik tali, lompat guni, trampoli, etc.... my course MATHEMATICS WITH COMPUTER GRAPHICS ( M C G ) yeahhh!!!!!